Vanessa Thoms

About Vanessa

Vanessa, Pierina & Gordon’s daughter, and Lachlan’s wife has been a floating member of the Gordon Hay Real Estate team for many years.  She began working with the team straight out of high school in 2010 where she learned essential skills within the business.  While working in the business, Vanessa was studying to be a psychologist at university and worked multiple reception jobs to gain experience across a number of different professions.  Soon after finishing the degree, Vanessa pursued more experience in the legal industry by working in a legal firm in Brisbane CBD all while studying to become a solicitor. 

During this time Vanessa learned invaluable skills that has helped guide her career path.  Soon after, she realised that the legal industry wasn’t for her and decided one last round at university would do the trick, she studied to become a teacher.  It was here where Vanessa found her feet in the education industry and has since been working the last 6 years as a teacher across state and independent sectors.  While she was working full time as a teacher, Vanessa had her foot in the door in the business helping on the school holidays and whenever she was needed.  She is responsible for the administration duties within the office such as marketing and design.  Vanessa also assists Michelle with property management duties.  Recently, Vanessa gave birth to a son Harvey who is slowly learning the ropes as a newborn baby. She now has a more permanent role within the business as part owner of Gordon Hay Real Estate.