Pierina Hay

About Pierina

Pierina, Gordon’s wife, came on board early on to fulfill a number of different roles over the years in the business.  Her background is in the legal industry working for many Lawyers such as Michael Goss (Wayne Goss’ brother) as a Legal Secretary.  After having her third child, Pierina decided to come on board permanently and fulfill a property management position within the business. She conducts the routine inspections for landlords and ensures that properties are kept to a high standard.  Pierina takes pride in carrying out inspections and building positive professional relationships with all tenants and landlords. Pierina has always been Gordon’s biggest supporter in his business ventures over the years and continues to provide that support.  While Pierina is Gordon’s number one fan, she also has a special talent of her own, cooking.  She takes pride in keeping the staff members well fed to ensure they can perform at the top of their game.